Garance / Flore

While I like my first given name very much, it has proven very impractical where I live, in Spain. For this reason, you can call me Flore! It’s my second given name, and is almost as cool.

Garance is a reference to the heroin of the movie Children of Paradise, played by french actress Arletty.


It took me a while to know programming was my calling. After a literature-focused highschool diploma, I switched to a statistics / psychology double bachelor in Lyon, France. At the end of those 3 years, where I followed several introductory classes to algorithmic, my mind was made up! I moved to Antibes, in the beautiful French Riviera, to follow a 3 years school in computer science.

I graduated from the French engineering school Polytech Nice Sophia in 2016, and I’ve been living and working in Barcelona ever since.


I am curently working at FactorialHR as an engineer manager. With my team of 5 developers and 2 product makers, we try to solve the digitalization of Payroll.